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EPOSTL Descriptors


  1. Context

1.        Curriculum
g. I can understand the requirements set in national and local curricula.


2.        Aims and Needs 
m. I can take into account differing motivations for learning another language.

3.        The Role of the Language Teacher
b. I can critically assess my teaching in relation to theoretical principles.

4.        Institutional Resources and Constraints
d.       I can recognize the organizational constraints and resource limitations existent at my school and adapt my teaching accordingly.

  1. Methodology

5.        Speaking/Spoken Interaction
w.  I can create a supportive atmosphere that invites learners to take part in speaking activities.

6.        Writing/Written Interaction
e. I can evaluate and select meaningful activities to encourage learners to develop their creative potential.

7.        Listening
k. I can help learners to apply strategies to cope with typical aspects of spoken language (background noise, redundancy etc.).

8.        Reading
f. I can recommend books appropriate to the needs, interests and language level of the learners.

9.        Grammar
h. I can deal with questions learners may ask about grammar and, if necessary, refer to appropriate grammar reference books.

10.     Vocabulary
c. I can evaluate and select a variety of activities which help learners to learn vocabulary.

11.     Culture
a. I can evaluate and select texts, source materials and activities to make the learners aware of stereotyped views and challenge these.


  1.  Lesson planning

12.     Identification of Learning Objectives
j. I can set objectives which challenge learners to reach their full potential.

13.     Lesson Content
l. I can plan activities which link grammar and vocabulary with communication.

14.     Lesson Organization
s. I can select from and plan a variety of organizational forms (frontal, individual, pair, group work) as appropriate.


  1. Conducting a Lesson

15.     Using Lesson Plans
t. I can adjust my time schedule when unforeseen situations occur.

16.     Content
n. I can relate what I teach to current events in local and international contexts.

17.     Interaction with Learners
o. I can encourage learner participation whenever possible.

18.     Classroom Management
bb. I can take on different roles according to the needs of the learners and requirements of the activity (resource person, mediator, supervisor etc.).

19.     Classroom Language
q. I can use the target language as metalanguage.

  1. Independent learning

20.     Learner Autonomy
i. I can guide and assist learners in setting their own aims and objectives and in planning their own learning.

21.     Homework
v. I can evaluate and select tasks most suited to be carried out by learners at home.

22.     Projects
aa. I can plan and manage project work according to relevant aims and objectives.


23.     Portfolios
cc. I can supervise and give constructive feedback on portfolio work.


24.     Virtual Learning Environments
z. I can use various ICT resources (email, web sites, computer programmes etc.).

25.     Extra-curricular Activities
ee. I can set aims and objectives for school trips, exchanges and international cooperation programmes.

F.       Assessment
26.     Designing Assessment Tools
p. I can evaluate and select valid assessment procedures (tests, portfolios, self-assessment etc.) appropriate to learning aims and objectives.

27.     Evaluation
ff. I can identify strengths and areas for improvement in a learner’s performance.

28.     Self- and Peer Assessment
x. I can help learners to use the European Language Portfolio.

29.     Language Performance
r. I can assess a learner’s ability to produce a written text according to criteria such as content, range, accuracy, cohesion and coherence etc.

30.     Culture
dd. I can assess the learner’s ability to respond and act appropriately in encounters with the target language culture

31.     Error analysis
y. I can analyse learners’ errors and identify the processes that may cause them.

  1. Resources

32.     Resources
u. I can identify and evaluate a range of coursebooks/materials appropriate for the age, interests and the language level of the learners.


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